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Shujaa Delivery about us


Shujaa delivery is a provider of on-demand delivery, door-to-door delivery and errand running courier service provider. Established in 2016 to bridge the gap between business to business, business to consumers, consumer to business delivery of packages and goods.

Shujaa delivery approaches the market by operating responsibly, executing with excellence and applying innovative technologies to ensure the experience of delivering an item is as seamless as possible.

Wherever you are, we can pick up and take your delivery safely and securely to your preferred destination.At Shujaa delivery we understand the importance of timely deliveries. All our motorbikes undergo regular maintenance inspections to ensure that deliveries are made without delay and in perfect conditions.

We offer state of the art tracking system so you are able to track your delivery right to the moment the delivery is received.

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To provide preferred on-demand delivery services to our clients through outstanding value, exceptional experience and continuous innovation.


To always create auspicious and unmatched delivery experiences.


1. Pay only for the deliveries you make.
2. Expand your delivery zone.
3. Low delivery cost, no overhead costs.
4. Delivery when you need it.
5. Real time tracking by sender and recipient on the map.


1. Honest
2. Cost-effective
3. Innovative
4. Reliable and professional
5. Consumer focused